Get Unhooked

Keeping white sharks off reels and in the ocean. A public relations campaign for the CSULB Shark Lab by Harbor PR.

Harbor PR Campaign

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CSULB Shark Lab logo


CSULB Shark Lab


Photoshop & Acrobat

Public Relations Campaigns is the culmination of the curriculum to achieve a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from California State University, Long Beach in journalism with an emphasis in public relations. This class combines all the elements learned throughout the various classes taken to get to this point. 

Our professor (Krista Coriaty) placed the class into teams of five, and acted as an advisor to the groups. Our client was the CSULB Shark Lab, a renowned program in the advancement of shark studies. Our mission was to create a campaign to increase awareness that sharks are not dangerous and should not be fished, and that they should be left to be in the ocean. 

Harbor PR LogoMy task in the group was director of operations, where I ensured that all research, analysis and implementation was held to the highest standards. Utilizing my skillsets, I created the logo for our agency (see right) and designed a 64-page booklet, crafting each page with Adobe Photoshop, and then sealing the document as a PDF with Adobe Acrobat. 

Our team printed out the booklets to present to Professor Coriaty and Dr. Christopher Lowe (of the SharkLab). It was binded together at FedEx Office. 

Our group gave a 30-minute presentation, which included still images, videos and speech from each member. We received a 95/100 for our effort. 

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